Comments: Why Austria Should Have the Death Penalty

The "funny" thing about Europe, in my personal experience -- and I don't mean funny as in "ha ha," I mean funny as in "you people are flippin' blind!" is that it isn't only Americans who think nothing bad happens in Europe. When I was living over there, I was told time and time again that these things only happened in America. I was told America should give up gun ownership because at least then "it would be a show to the world that at least we wanted to deal with the problem." Somewhere out of my liberal, anti-gun, Massachusetts upbringing something revolted and I kept saying over and over again, "It ISNT the GUNS!" and told them that on the road they were on they were going to have more and more of the same problems whether personal firearms were legal or not. And lo, they have... right down to school shootings... and of course they blame America for setting the example. Yeah right.

And I'm with you... having been a victims' advocate, I have less patience for my tax dollars soothing someone else's conscience. Not that anyone thinks the man will be rehabilitated anyway... but nobody wants to send the message "We will not stand for this." You don't need guns to be a worthless, dangerous psycho or sociopath... and at some point when you take away the rights of others, it doesn't seem so inhumane to think that one would be sacrificing one's own by such actions.

Posted by AlaskanWindSong at April 29, 2008 09:57 AM

What the hell is happening to your comments section Pam?

Meanwhile, you did your usual brilliant dissection of a thoroughly disturbing story. This waste of human skin deserves to be tortured and in pain for the rest of his worthless existence - and yes, that existence should end promptly and finally at the hands of the authorities. He can then go burn in hell for all eternity.

Posted by Gayle Miller at April 29, 2008 01:44 PM

Help, Gayle, I've been attacked by spammers! They have been going for the most recent stuff of late, rather than older posts. I'll have to clean it out again. grrr...

You and I may agree on what to do with this waste of oxygen, but you can be sure he'll get his due "respect" from the Austrians. They're so afraid of their Nazi past that they'll err on the side of coddling guys like this rather than giving them the punishment they deserve. It's too bad.

Posted by Pam at April 29, 2008 01:48 PM