Comments: Let's Play What Is It?

I am not sure, but I'll definitely ask my husband. He worked in a plant nursery through high school, so there's a good chance he will at least know in which family of plants it belongs.

Posted by Amy at April 30, 2008 01:11 PM

I would love to have his opinion, Amy.

Posted by Jordana at May 1, 2008 08:36 AM

Definitely Sweet William.

Posted by George at May 4, 2008 09:50 AM

those are sweet williams! I have some too and I can not wait for them to bloom. I planted the seeds last year and they flower the second year (i'm sure you already knew that part though) i just read a few of your entries and i love your site!

Posted by maggie at May 8, 2008 08:25 AM

I just saw the post and recognized it also as Sweet Williams or Dianthus barbadus, one of my favorite self-seeding biennuals. Yes, you might find it springing up anywhere in your garden, but it transplants easily.

Posted by Earth Girl at May 11, 2008 09:17 PM