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I would challenge the ACLU to defend its position. As a defender of individual rights, it is preposterous that the ACLU rejects that notion for the second amendment. We all must question the motivation of the ACLU.
My short take after 59 years of witnessing the ACLU is that they prefer to defend criminals. leaving law-abiding citizens open to be undefended victims. The ACLU is a Lawyer agency, and seems to think that solutions belong in court.
Well, when accosted on the street, in my car, my neighborhood or my home, IS NOT the time to consider if I have enough Insurance, a good lawyer, and whether the police will arrive in time to Save me from serious loss of life or essential property.
Yes, I hold that some property is more valuable than another humans life. When a Household or business, or even a community has been raped frequently by the parasitic society, the healthy are themselves threatened. Their quality of life is threatened. And eventually, their health and families health as a result of the economic
losses. It DOES become a matter of LIFE and DEATH, even over property. We can not all replace what is stoled or vandalized.
I believe that the value of the LIFE of the thief is worth no more than the object that the thief is illegally in pursuit of. I believe that allowing citizens to defend themselves would not degrade into Dodge City. I believe that just letting those with prior military service and serious other weapons experts to have and possess guns at home ind in public would do more that one MILLION new cops, or lets say 1,000 new Wilmington city police officers.
I BELIEVE it is TIME for the STATE of DELAWARE to consider and to enact Legislation such as the "CASTLE LAWS", where a person has the right and responsibility to defend themselves, their families, their homes and their neighbors.
ACLU, time to become consistent in recognizing and protecting INDIVIDUAL rights. Time to protect the INNOCENT.
Stop being DEFENSE attorneys, that protect the parasites.

Posted by Paul falkowski at June 28, 2008 02:33 PM

Fix, Stolen.
Fix, Human's life.
fix, than one million.

Posted by paul at June 28, 2008 03:34 PM

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