Comments: Behold: Barack Immortalized on Gold Coin

It's a memorabilia item.. is it really this much of a bid deal for so many people to get up-in-arms about this?

I never saw folks complaining this much when the company, in April, from Las Vegas pressed a similair coin? But I guess because it is not an American company it makes it all the more of a vile and disgusting act?

Seriously... the DNC, as you clearly state, had nothing to do with the production of these coins.. but do you really think they should even comment on them? I mean, regardless of party, they are aiming on becoming the leader of the free world, yet they should comment on a coin being made by a private company, in another country?

I read through their website - and all I can see is that it's an 'art' representation... which can say whatever they want to (I believe in American freedom of expression and/or free-speech is allowed)... what's the big deal?

Posted by Patrick Synnott at September 25, 2008 01:05 AM

Foreign nations have absolutely no business involving themselves in any way, shape or form in our elections, just as we should never interfere or involve ourselves in theirs. It's bad manners, bad international relations and bad policy.

As to the other, did Senator Obama approve this self-aggrandizing coin? If he did, he needs to be locked up in a quiet room, preferably rubber-lined, until his sanity returns!

Posted by Gayle Miller at September 26, 2008 03:29 PM

I fell off the chair when I first read it at Hillbuzz, that quoted PUMA08, which in turn quoted the British press, and I still canít fathom this.

So I checked out the original story, pending proof it was not a parody story.

Here is the original story in Birmingham Post

Obama is indeed having presidential coins minted:

Posted by at September 29, 2008 05:06 PM