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My impression is that most law enforcement officials favor some degree of gun control. Therefore, it remains a matter of debate over what the definition of "some degree" should be.

As with regard to neglected regulation of banking and brokering institutions, weakened badly under Clinton and Bush-43, the government can play a positive role by providing some degree of oversight and sanity re gun control.

The NRA approach opposing any kind of regulations/restrictions on guns is indeed insanity, in my view.

Eric Holder approaches the subject from a law enforcers point of view, in the context of the DC street, advocating for regulations that minimize the probability of guns getting into the hands of those with criminal records or intentions.

Having been on the DC, Philly, and NYC streets and having witnessed some pretty scary and bizarre behavior, I am in sympathy with Eric Holder's initiatives.

I suspect that a great number of guns rights advocates are rural types who have little experience in the urban arena.

I do agree that the average citizen has a constitutional right to own and bear arms, even to carrying a concealed weapon prepared for self defense, provided adequate training and handling skills testing, and background checking, is carried out periodically. That said, I also support gun registration. Finally, I favor a ban on assault weapons. The days of the civilian militias must be put into the past tense, since the frontier days are long gone.

Holder's approach appears to be a bit too restrictive, regarding over-control of gun shows, for example; hopefully debate and compromise will produce a reasonable set of gun regulations. Hopefully debate and compromise will bring us to a reasonable bill in line with the Constitution.

Posted by Perry at November 22, 2008 03:33 PM

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Posted by Dana at November 23, 2008 09:06 AM

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