Comments: Thanks for Nothing, Senator McCain

You would think that with all the great people out there we could find one, just one Republican that made us wan to stand up and fight for the leadership of our country. Sarah was only half of the answer and I'm not sure what the other half was. I think that people ar only now really waking up to how sleezy the Chicago politics really is. We are going to hear about Obama's part of that until we are sick. I think the Media doesn't really want to tell us how bad the economy really is once he is sworn in. Batten down the hatches boys and girls. MUD

Posted by Dennis Pettty at December 18, 2008 09:52 AM

As I see it, the Republicans did not pick Sen. McCain, the media did. I have watched the shift in the political wind for some time now and I remember thinking that the media would NEVER allow another Reagan. His abilty to circumvent their control on information was something they learned well from and vowed in the back rooms never to let a strong communicator gain traction. We see and hear from all the RINOs on a regular basis, but true conservatives are nowhere to be found on the airwaves. Boys and Girls - this will only get worse with the new push for the Fairness Doctrine - whether by law or intimidation!

Posted by NewtownMark at December 18, 2008 04:48 PM