Comments: Don't Call Me Florence

It could also be fewer pediatricians... there are so many doctors giving up in disgust over all the crazy lawsuit crap they have to endure just to practice. *sigh*

I can't tell you how glad I am to be past that. But I must say in all fairness, my kids were seldom sick. I only remember my daughter missing school once or twice with some bug or other. My son missed lots of school with migraines (lots), but seldom with "illness" and once the migraines were treated properly - he didn't get sick and never missed school anymore.

Posted by Teresa at February 3, 2009 10:53 PM

It has been forever since we've been to the pediatrician. In fact, I have a nagging feeling that somebody may have missed some booster shots. I don't know which boy or when. I will have to call ... just a little voice that says I've overlooked something.

Our pediatrician packed up his family and moved to Tennessee, since he wasn't doing much better than breaking even here. Washington is not the best place to practice medicine I guess. Liberal state, of course.

Posted by PeggyU at February 4, 2009 03:11 AM

Until this summer, other than one nasty cold a year, my kids never got sick. This year? We've had pneumonia, bronchitis, some weird virus that knocks you out for a week and now this.

I'm absolutely puzzled.

S. FL is not a good place to practice either. We have doctors leaving the state as well. I had a sports injury, got diagnosed by my internist, made an appt for 6 weeks later, and was informed she and he (husband wife team) had moved to WVa to get out of FL medicine. That was 6 years ago... and its still happening.

We have a SCARY shortage of neurologists here.

Posted by Bou at February 4, 2009 06:55 AM

Might not be a bad idea to send a bottle of hand sanitizer to school with each of your kids and have them wipe down their desks with it every day. That is, unless some silly school rule forbids the stuff. Wouldn't surprise me, too many kids would probably drink the stuff.

Posted by diamond dave at February 4, 2009 09:53 AM

Praying things get better for you and the sick kids.

Posted by JihadGene at February 5, 2009 09:39 AM