Comments: Happy Easter!!

Ruved those bunnies!!!

Posted by JihadGene at April 12, 2009 11:06 PM

Typically the butt draws me to the ears...oh crap...we're talking about chocolate bunnies...

Posted by at April 13, 2009 08:48 AM

I like to go for the warm, soft entrails... which is problematic when you're dealing with a hollow chocolate bunny.

The solution? Fill those suckers with chocolate pudding!

Posted by Elisson at April 13, 2009 06:00 PM

I'm a pig. Whichever part presents itself first gets consumed first.

I have a boy, though, that used to not be able to eat things shaped like animals because it weirded him out. Here is a poem he wrote about it:

My Problem

I donít like to eat candy animals,
Because they look at me.
So, I cover their eyes with a napkin,
And eat them when they canít see
I never eat the whole thing,
I stop at their necks instead,
Then I save their little severed heads,
In a box beneath my bed.

Posted by PeggyU at April 14, 2009 09:53 PM