Comments: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

I was at the doctor's office last month, waiting for an appointment. They had one of the news channels on and they ran a story while I sat there of 3 brothers - triplets - who were awarded Eagle Scout together. I had meant to blog it - but of course forgot all about it by the time I got home because I didn't email myself a reminder. It was a great story though and it might be the first time that has happened.

Good idea to call 911. You never know. Sometimes they get a flurry of calls other times everyone thinks someone else called. Better to be the "extra" caller than to find out 15-30 minutes later that no one else called at all!

I hope the driver is okay.

Posted by Teresa at May 22, 2009 09:40 AM

Check and see if you have a local scanner feed in your area, like We have several feeds here in the metro Atlanta area and the forums are usually pretty good at reporting local going-ons that haven't hit the mainstream news. I once even got a chronically reckless driver on my work route busted by providing his vehicle description in the law enforcement forum. A few days later, local cop started monitoring that area and I was treated to the gorgeous site of jerkwad's vehicle bathed in pretty blue lights off the side of the road.

Posted by diamond dave at May 22, 2009 10:56 AM

I tried to call in a wreck on I-95 last year and couldn't get through to 911, so I hung up. I was impressed when shortly after getting home, the dispatchers called to be sure I was OK. They knew about the wreck, but were afraid my failed attempt to call was because "I" was hurt and had passed out or something.

Posted by George at May 22, 2009 02:34 PM

Streetlights aren't connected "in series" -- they just have a fuse that blows whenever there's a fault on the line. And that indicates the real problem. The power outage was apparently the result of a downed power line (hence the sparks you saw), so before the fuse blew there was the danger of electrocution.

Posted by Bob at May 23, 2009 10:06 AM

Bob- I noticed the next morning that they were street lights and power lines... same pole. I didn't remember the power lines as most of our lines are underground, but this was an old section.

He hit, I saw sparks, the lights went out. The one light went out and then, POOF, the road was bathed in darkness. It was very eerie.

He's lucky he didn't get electrocuted.

Posted by Bou at May 23, 2009 12:44 PM