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Except that Bush I's handling of Tiananmen Square was widely criticized, especially when we extended most-favored nation status to China shortly afterwards. So no one is saying that Bush I is the model to follow.

Posted by Jeff the Baptist at June 24, 2009 11:10 AM

Of course he was criticized, Jeff. He is a Bush!! ;-)

Posted by Hube at June 24, 2009 11:13 AM

He Who Must Not Be Criticised

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Posted by anonni at June 24, 2009 12:47 PM

Actually, Bush 41 imposed an embargo (US and EU) on military sales to the PRC which stands to this day - apart from the Clinton "dual use" technology sales of advanced aviation manufacture equipment. France's Chirac and Germany's Schroeder tried to have the embargo lifted - both have been since voted out.

Posted by G Rex at June 24, 2009 10:12 PM