Comments: VA is for Runners

LOL - well... THEY think they have sucky weather in the winter... but no, no they don't. It does get "cold" in that they can actually have snow, but that is a seldom occurring thing.

I lived in the Baltimore area for a couple of years as a kid. The climate has enough winter to give you seasons which I like, but doesn't get terribly cold. The summers can be damned hot (but not as bad for as long as it is in Florida). We had no a/c when I was living there as a kid which meant when my fall allergies kicked in I was miserable - but since I wasn't used to a/c I don't remember feeling overly uncomfortable during the heat of summer.

Your running partner sounds wonderful! Can't wait to hear more about her! Now cheering both of you onward.

Even better is the fact that you have been able to relax. Once again let me say how happy I am to hear you say that!!! YAY!!!

Posted by Teresa at September 5, 2009 01:05 PM

Good luck to you Bou...Wishing you only the best...

Posted by Mike D. at September 5, 2009 11:56 PM