Comments: VD* approacheth

Nah, you're not an old crabby b... You're just being honest. ;-)

Posted by Marie at February 11, 2010 01:37 PM

The disease is genetic. My family has it very bad, myself included. That's one reason I'm in a small apartment, so I don't have room for any more stuff.

Posted by Bill at February 11, 2010 09:34 PM

Nah...I'm not a big fan of Valentines Day either. Just another Hallmark holiday. We just ignore it around here, except when it comes to the kids. They like means candy hearts for them. ;)

Posted by Theresa at February 12, 2010 05:54 AM

It's not fun if it's not something you want to do, right? Hope you had a blast!

Posted by Mrs. Who at February 16, 2010 05:25 PM

i don't celebrate VD

Posted by wRitErsbLock at February 19, 2010 02:47 PM