Comments: Happy Birthday To Good 'Ol Joe

Come on over to our side, Joe. We have punch & pie.

Posted by rbj at February 24, 2010 02:21 PM

Forgive me if this comment is a bit off topic, but I feel that the widespread ridiculing of Sarah Palin and her family has gone way too far, and particularly in the instance of one very grotesque and obscene individual. This individual goes by the AOL screen name of lilTrigPalin and e-mail address in an attempt to mock and belittle Sarah Palin's beautiful child who happens to have Down Syndrome. This sad, reprehensible person populates AOL chat rooms Life - Bible Fellowship, Life - Bible Fellowship 1, and Life - Beliefs Christian, with screen names lilTrigPalin and HooverMeCheney and is relentless in their dissemination of disgusting, hateful attacks against Sarah and her family. You can report them to AOL terms of service at . That is all I have to say. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Posted by Sarah Palin supporter at February 25, 2010 07:20 AM