Comments: Biathlon: Finally Worth Watching

And now, how about the Javelin?

Posted by Bill Smith at February 24, 2010 10:17 PM

The summer Olympics would have been a whole lot more interesting if the pool had been filled with frickiní sharks with frickiní laser beams on their frickiní heads.

Tarheel Repub Out!

Posted by Tarheel Repub at February 25, 2010 09:54 AM

Sadly,most teams in biathlon,while offering excellent speed and good offense,are weak on D...

Posted by richard mcenroe at February 28, 2010 11:20 AM

Now, I'd start watching the Olympics if they added that!

Oh, did I say that out loud?

Posted by RebeccaH at February 28, 2010 12:18 PM