Comments: "Agents of Incompetence Series" Noted by Field & Stream

Such behavior on the part of the government descends into self-parody. Unfortunately, the government has no sense of humor, irony or parody. In this, and in many other parts of the government, we're seeing something much more dangerous than mere incompetence and stupidity.

All that keeps any government from descending into tyranny is the common decency, respect for the Constitution and the law and character of those fallible human beings who are the government. After all, when the government violates the law, who will investigate and punish them? When agents of the government understand, as more and more are, that they are above and beyond the law, we descend into tyranny. They may rest assured that they can get away with anything that comports with the current administrations leanings because the POTUS considers himself to be above and beyond the law.

If our "protectors" will seize toy guns, at what will they stop?

Posted by mikemcdaniel at March 16, 2010 12:46 PM

congrats on the field and stream,

"If our "protectors" will seize toy guns, at what will they stop?"

apparently not much...

Posted by rumcrook¾ at March 16, 2010 08:29 PM