Comments: ObamaCare opponents: Five Reasons Not to Despair

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Democrats were never able to convince the public of the merits of their reform

Time will tell. Behind closed doors and away from the screaming opponents, we\'re already seeing the GOP quietly back off efforts to challenge it. Why is that? What do they know?

Democrats generally win national elections by posing as moderates.

As do Republicans. If the angry lefty and righty minorities that have taken control don\'t realize that most people aren\'t like them, a third party for people who actually care about issues will rise up to fill the void.

Obama has been saying things about his bill that are untrue

No doubt. And opponents haven\'t? \"Death panels?\" Really? Saying it\'s a government takeover when it\'s a 900B expansion of an existing program, just like GW Bush\'s 500B expansion of an existing program? Not to mention the Congresspeople truly embarassing themselves by proving they don\'t know what the words \"socialism\" and \"totalitarianism\" means.

Posted by dc staffer at March 25, 2010 01:59 PM

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