Comments: Threat of violence is all it takes?

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Actually, the latest word is that Parker and Stone didn't do the censoring, Comedy Central did.

Posted by LiberalGeek at April 23, 2010 12:03 AM

The religion of peace, right!?

The left is so quick to jump on the "violent" and "dangerous" religious right. You have pigs like Keith O, Jeanine G, Rosie O'Donnell etc. screaming how the right is far more dangerous than radical Muslims. Yea, sure they are!

Remember how Catholics threatened to kill Stone and Parker after the pedophile episode? Or how the Jews threatened them after the many shots they have taken at them over the years? Or that time all of the Mormons called for Stone's and Parker's heads after they made an absolute joke out of their religion?

OF COURSE NOT!!! BECAUSE THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!! But, I'm sure I'm just being a misunderstanding bigot.

Even if only 10% of all Muslim are radical (and I happen to think the number is closer to 20%) that is well over 100 million people. Americans need to wake up and take a serious look at what is happening in countries like France and the UK etc.

Posted by Digby at April 25, 2010 07:41 PM

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