Comments: Now that "Iron Man 2" is a huge success ...

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"You could even extend the Marvel film continuity by having Iron Man go after Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four flicks!"

Except that Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four flicks uses the Ultimates origin story. He's powered by cosmic rays and doesn't have high-tech armor underneath those robes. It would still be an awesome fight though...

I wish they'd broaden the antagonists to include people without armor/technological hooks in order to broaden the Marvel Movie Universe. All the comic movies have had a real tendency to give the heros and villians the same origin stories. Men in high-tech armor, exposure to cosmic rays in space, gamma ray experiments, etc. It's mostly because writing this way is expedient, but it really creates superhero stovepipes. You never feel like there are gamma ray powerhouses existing in the same universe as Stark.

Posted by Jeff the Baptist at May 19, 2010 05:06 PM

Well, "The Avengers" will utilize the Ultimates version of their story so it could work!

Posted by Hube at May 19, 2010 05:13 PM