Comments: When Spencer Met Scotty

.  Yet speaking of it will not increase the comprehension.  Hold to the center path.  6  The Tao is called the Great Mother:  empty yet never-ending,  hout force.  7  The Tao is infinite and eternal.  Why is it eternal?  It was never born;  thus it can never die.  Why is it infinite?  It has no d  he is ahead.  He is removed from all things;  that is why he is one with them.  Because he has let go of himself,  he is perfectly fulfilled.  8  Th  t is content to flow to the low places that people scorn.  In this way water is in accordance with the TAO.  Therefore:  In dwelling, live close to the Ea  t, self-mastery, competence and timing is preferred.  The sage does not strive,  Therefore no one can strive against him.  9  Fill a cup to its brim and  jade fill the hall, their possessor cannot keep them safe.  If you care about people's approval:  you will be their prisoner.  After finishing the work, d  

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