Comments: Associated Press Falls For "Pallywood"-Style Stunt in Egypt

Typical. Normally, the stagers actually shoot someone. A body in the morgue is worth more than just one photo op. From the sound, it reminds me of 22LR, being fired from near the camera. A 22 might couse a lethal wound without exiting the body and causing large blood loss on the ground.

Posted by Professor Hale at January 28, 2011 09:44 AM

Leaving asisde my personal dislike of President Mubarak.. I had a great deal of respect for President Sadat as a leader and have ALWAYS wondered at Mubarak's quick response to Sadat's death.

And leaving aside my utter lack of faith and respect for the major media outlets... having seen them be major media CREATORS as often as not, if you get my drift.

As a once retired and now back at work - tho elswhere, criminal investigator, I'm NOT certain of where the shot really came from... I suspect the angle would have given the "cameraman" something to worry about if it did come from the distant riot police line. Occam's Razor applies.

In the end we're missing a basic point... way back when I was on the receiveing end of bricks, bottles and other debris. Had I been a single officer and faced an attacker armed with a brick... well the Supreme Court said I could shoot the SOB a looong time ago. This man was part of a crowd refusing to disperse and that had already injured a number of riot police. As such he was violating local daily AND emergency laws. Is it somehow shocking he got shot? Personally, having been on the riot line and a trainer of police in that job, if I go to a riot on the protestor's side... I'm going with a gun so alls fair. Given our current government policies... where we're apparently headed and TEOTWAWKI on 12/21/2012... watch me.

Posted by Ole'Wolf at January 28, 2011 02:33 PM

Funny - nobody's blamed the Jooooos yet, have they? Or was it Sarah Palin did it?

No, Egypt, it's going to be Mossad fired the shot. Using a specially trained Zionist buzzard, or maybe a lethal Jew-shark.

Given the Arab world's inability to say "bullshit!" to the stupidest incoherent conspiracy theory, it's not even really necessary to actually shoot anyone, or to fake it. All you need do is state "And some dude got shot, man! He was, like, fatally killed to death! Stupid Jooooos!" It's all over the Mideast in seconds, and mass demonstrations are burning Star of David flags in Pakistan.

Posted by Steve Skubinna at January 28, 2011 08:58 PM