Comments: Easy Come, Easy Go

My folks use FB. My (older) brother gets annoyed because I don't upload pictures to FB. My children mostly use FB for Farmville. They have sock puppet accounts with FB to further their Farmville operations.

So, no FB children, but they can have cute little piggies via Farmville.

The only reason I created an account was to connect with friends from High School so that I wouldn't miss this year's 40th Reunion.

Bones isn't missing anything.

Oh, and the fact that "Kate" exists means that he has no problem talking with girls.

At that age I was being accosted by young ladies (who I did not know) with claims that I was two-timing them.

They went away chagrined as I kept asking questions trying to figure out who they were, which one I was supposed to have taken out first, and why I (a blond) would ever be interested in taking out a blond when a brunette was available.

Yes, I was trouble even back then.

Posted by The Thomas at February 20, 2011 11:29 PM

Actually, it is possible to list someone as your child on Facebook. Currently, I have a guy my age listed as my grand daughter (he and I were "married" at one point, before he married his wife.) as a joke. I've listed my brother as my uncle, an old high school friend as my grandfather. . . the list goes on.

So yes, someone could create a puppet account and have a Facebook "child."

Posted by Andrew Phule at February 21, 2011 05:00 AM

Oh, my. Things progress at a different rate and even in different ways than they did when I was young... except for one thing: these early 'crushes' usually don't last too long.

I hope you're still blogging when the boys get married. :-D

Posted by pam at February 21, 2011 08:10 AM