Comments: The definitive list: Marvel Comics movies from Best to Worst

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I didn't like X-Men II for the way they dissed Mastermind, one of my favorite all time villains. They didn't even give him the right name. For the record, I think the bald guy from Lost (John Locke) would make a better Professor X than Stewart. He's even got wheelchair experience.

Out of the list my favorites would have to be Blade, The Hulk (second one) and Ghost Rider, flawed though it was. FF Rise of The Silver Surfer was just okay. They could have done without Doom for sure, but I didn't have a problem with the way Galactus was portrayed. In fact, I liked it. More of an aura of mystery. Plus, the cloud, thing, whatever it was, did vaguely look like him.

Most of these movies try to do too much, that's their major flaw. They should stick to one villain, and focus on building that origin and back story. Just an opinion.

I'll tell you who would make a good Punisher, and he even looks like him somewhat, is "The Rock".

Posted by ThePaganTemple at April 29, 2011 08:37 AM

although the x-man films were all good,there were huge mistakes made in the series. the angel and the beast were both part of the first of x-men but were not seen until the third movie. daredevil,spider-man and ironman were very good because they delt with the origins so well. i think in order for the x-man series to move forward,you have to introduce the new mutants to the series,cannonball,sunspot,wolfsbane and the rest. one question how does chris evans play the torch and cap?

Posted by james barnes at May 14, 2011 06:24 PM