Comments: Superman renounces U.S. citizenship

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So does that mean Clark Kent has renounced his citizenship? Surely someone in the government hierarchy via the Justice League, etc. knows that they're the same person.

Posted by Jeff the Baptist at April 28, 2011 09:38 AM

With the disclaimer that you know for more about comic books than I do, I get a different read.

I'm seeing it as Superman standing up for America values despite Obama's refusal to, getting upbraided for it by the administration.

Your point is a little clearer in an excerpt from the article that you didn't quote: Superman tells the National Security Advisor:

"truth, justice and the American way" -- It's not enough anymore (emphasis in original comic)

In the strictest sense, Supes could have blown them off for any of a number of other reasons:
1) Superman is (and should be) an idealist and should always strive to live out the America dream even if America itself sometimes has to compromise the ideal with reality.
2) As the article you linked to suggests, Superman's association with the USA may cause problems since any action he takes is automatically associated with US foreign policy. Going "non-national" may help in easing tensions. (Although, in the Superman universe, the fact that he hasn't installed an American hegemony should be proof enough he's not a blind tool of American foreign policy and that America isn't trying to install such a situation.)

You're right that their bias is showing in Superman taking an out of character step. It would be much more in keeping with the character as we've known him for 3/4ths of a century to take the same action for either of the reasons I listed above.

Posted by Paul Smith at April 28, 2011 09:47 AM