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"Miraculously, I survived the several thousand miles I road that summer and fall"
rode, not road.....

Posted by REB In Raleigh at May 11, 2011 07:24 PM

I am always suspicious of "Government Required Courses". Few if any of them do an adequate job of teaching what you need to know. I've had three kids attend required Drivers Education Courses in three different States (Home is where the Navy sends you). None of them taught the kids how to deal with situations they are bound to have to deal with; How to jump start a car, how to act when pulled over, especially at night, how to jack up a car, how to change a flat, what to do (and NOT to do) when a car overheats, what information to get (and to give) when involved in an accident.
The only "Safety Courses" I've run into that were worth a damn were courses run or recommended by various Insurance. I'm sure there was an ATV Safety Course you could have taken back then, and I feel fairly safe in thinking that you didn't look for one because you thought it would never happen to you and/or you didn't want to pay for it out of your pocket.
If we "have" to take a course, we don't get out of it nearly as much as when we search out and take a course because we want to/think we need to. Not to mention that those "freebies" usually cost somebod(ies)y more than what they are worth.

Posted by Wildman7316 at May 11, 2011 10:42 PM

My own bugbear is "personal watercraft." As a professional mariner I despise recreational sailors, and as a recreational sailor I abominate personal watercraft. Any yahoo with a credit card can rent one (and most of them do) and endanger everyone afloat within a ten mile radius.

Our local sheriff has said that most of the Jet Ski accidents his department responds to are of them plowing full speed into an obstacle, pier, boat, another jet ski. An untrained rider's first response when in trouble is to release the throttle. Since they are steered by the waterjet, that means you are now sitting on an unguided missile moving at 40 knots towards whatever it is you didn't want to hit.

I am in absolute favor of mandatory training and licensing to rent one of those death sleds, and immediate execution for any rider who endangers anyone else.

Posted by Steve Skubinna at May 12, 2011 01:21 AM