Comments: Boys, boys, boys

I used to mock people who bought in bulk (why would my mom -- a grandmother with no kids in the house -- buy a 24-pack of jumbo-sized boxes of Goldfish?) but now that I have two teenage boys and a third little one who sneaks potato chips in the bathroom and insists he needs dessert after a pancake breakfast, I think stockpilers are geniuses. It has taken me a year of double teenagedom to realize that I cannot keep enough food in the house. I often swing by Publix five times a week, even after doing a proper full grocery run, with a little Walmart thrown in for good measure. It's exhausting. Not as bad as doing their laundry. But close. The time has come. I must join Costco. BTW: Loved the Flash Mob!!

Posted by Leigh at May 20, 2011 04:03 PM