Comments: Voices

That reminds me of the first time I was truly moved by music: I was in 8th grade at a small private Christian school. Every week we had to go to chapel, and most of us hated it because it was sooo boring. But one week they brought in a brass band from our sister high-school. That sound shook me to the core.

We were a very tiny school with a very tiny chapel. The number of people in the band was close to the number of us in the audience. So we were very up close and personal. The sound filled the chapel like no other sound or intensity I had ever heard or felt before.

And then I started crying. It was so odd. I didn't have any control over it. The sound, the emotion just washed over me like an ocean wave.

I have never experienced anything like it since that day. The only thing that remotely comes close to that feeling is an orgasm. It was THAT intense!

I wish I could have heard this singers that moved you so much. That is such an amazing thing!

Posted by DogsDontPurr at May 20, 2011 10:12 PM