Comments: Practical Problem Solving: The S&W M&P 22-15

My wife got me one of these for Christmas- except for initial sighting in, MY use of this really nice little gun has since been limited to feverishly re-loading magazines while she cheerfully (and accurately) pops round after round downrange. It has been totally reliable and a LOT of fun- Best, in my opinion of all the "tactical" .22LR long guns!

Posted by John D at July 29, 2011 01:55 PM

I bought an early one, and apparently it was one of those with ALL the problems; after three trips back to the factory, the fourth trip they exchanged it for a new rifle. This one has functioned flawlessly

Posted by Firehand at July 29, 2011 03:21 PM

Why are you listing .223 prices WRT this .22lr rifle?

Posted by Smarty at July 30, 2011 07:04 AM

Dear Smarty:

On the theory that you're not kidding, I listed .223 prices to make the point that you can save a great deal of money shooting .22LR instead. And if you're shooting the 22-15, the skills you learn or hone will transfer directly to a genuine AR-15.

Thanks for reading and for your question!

Posted by Mike Mc at July 30, 2011 02:05 PM