Comments: 9-11's New Rallying Cry

Well said, and concur 100%... And smokin holes WILL get some people's attention in the mid-east!

Posted by Old NFO at September 11, 2011 02:45 PM

peace and democracy? with all due respect, you're a fool if you thought that would be the case.

Posted by steve at September 11, 2011 07:36 PM

But Obama is a hero. He authorized the killing of Bin. Can you imagine the risk he took in doing this. It could have effected his ratings. Then he sat and heroically watched the Seals take down the compound. You can't find a leader with more fortitude than this man. I keep thinking of the song and movie, Libery Valence.

Consider that the next president is going to be stuck with a economy that was worse than the Great Depression and a major third world war.

Posted by david7134 at September 12, 2011 03:06 PM

2) The "rebels" Mr. Obama supported with American air power in Libya are now revealed as Al Qaeda terrorists. This does not bode well for peace and democracy in North Africa, to say the least.

I'm not sure where you've been but I've known this for months.

Posted by PurpleDragon at September 13, 2011 01:16 AM