Comments: Evil Exists: A Cautionary Tale For Our Times

We had this problem in Tucson. The burglars were fairly well known and lived in our neighborhood - but were juveniles. The police talked to them several times but did nothing. Daddy was well-connected and they were 'children.' (mid-teens)

A number of us made it well known to the parents that we were waiting for their 'children' to come to visit our homes in such a fashion - that we were doing everything within the law to make our homes look like inviting targets and that when their lovely little children invaded our homes we would shoot them dead. We let them know there were quite a few of us in our neighborhood and surrounding ones waiting for their sweet little babies to come visit.

They moved by the end of the week. Their cute children went with them no doubt to commit more crimes elsewhere. Neighborhood Watch can work well. Rather than packing up and leaving, get the neighborhood together, arm yourselves, and spend a week or two waiting for these lovelies to come visit and blow them straight to Hell. After 3 or 4 of their mates are exterminated, the other predators will find new territory. Look at it like a hunting vacation. Just be careful to do everything completely within your local laws.


Posted by Orion at September 18, 2011 10:56 PM

Several months ago in our quiet, gated neighborhood, an altercation occurred between some residents and drivers of two tow trucks. Several visitors had parked their vehicles on the street, in violation of a community ordinance prohibiting parking after a certain hour. As the two truck drivers started hooking up, vehicle owners came out to move their cars. A confrontation followed that quickly turned into a shoving match that threatened to become violent.

I called 911 and was transferred between three different operators: a general 911 center, the county 911, and finally the city. It required over three minutes to finally reach the person who could dispatch help.

Our well-equipped and staffed city police force normally responds within five minutes to most emergency calls. After I hung up with the 911 operator, units required over 17 minutes to arrive at the scene. Over 20 minutes from the time I initiated the call to the time officers arrived. Fortunately, cooler heads had prevailed and no violent acts occurred.

This is not a criticism of the police; they have many emergency situations and I have no way of knowing what other priority calls they faced that evening. But if I was calling to report a break-in, consider how much the burglars could accomplish in under 20 minutes.

I recently viewed a video where a staunch gun control advocate responded to a question about home protection by saying: "Let them call the police." I pray this gun-free individual is never confronted by persons intent on doing him harm. Unlike him, anyone who enters my home uninvited will not find me with a telephone in my hand.

Posted by Just Sayin' at September 20, 2011 01:01 AM

Orion, you got to be careful there. Were you to do the same thing here, you'd be arrested for inciting crime, vigilantism, harassing people, etc. etc. and probably spend considerable time in police cells, courtrooms, and prison during which the kids would be free to loot and burn your home, rape your wife and children (before or after killing them), and get away free even though the police know full well, and have evidence to prove it, who did it.

Posted by JTW at September 20, 2011 05:56 AM

I read your article and predicted where it was headed..."Race depends on where one lives, but statistically, most criminals, particularly in urban areas, are Black or Hispanic, and some racial groups specialize in certain types of crimes." Any reason why this is important? Are you telling folks if two white guys are ringing your doorbell they shouldn't be afraid or if a black or Mexican rings your doorbell more than likely they are a criminal?! Which is it? I am black and pro-gun and anyone who is unfamiliar and ringing my doorbell is treated like a potential threat. I don't make my decision based on race!

Let it be known the last 4 people who took a ride in the back of a patrol car, in my mostly white subdivision were white males! Oh and the house that sells marijuana down the street is currently being watched. All 4 of the occupants are white.

You of all people being a former cop should know you expect everyone to be a potential threat unless you just have it out for brown people?

Posted by RCH at September 20, 2011 07:47 PM

Dear RCH:

Please allow me to clarify my comments. The comment you chose: "Race depends on where one lives, but statistically, most criminals, particularly in urban areas, are Black or Hispanic, and some racial groups specialize in certain types of crimes," is revealing of nothing but the fact that I'm familiar with the demographic reality of crime in urban areas and elsewhere. It is certainly not indicative of racism, nor am I for a moment suggesting that one need only fear brown or black criminals. Remember that it was no less a race-hustler than the Reverend Jesse Jackson who admitted that when he finds himself approached by young black men on the street, he feels fear. True, he said that he was ashamed to feel such fear, but even he realizes that there is often a racial component to some kinds of crime in some places.

The last community I served as a police officer had a large American Indian population. The primary perpetrators of some kinds of crimes were Indian, the perpetrators of others--vehicle burglary for example--were predominantly white. In some American cities, Blacks are primarily involved in the drug trade and/or burglaries, in others, Hispanics predominate. In parts of the country with small or black populations, whites commit most crimes. There is also no question that young Black men commit crimes at rates far out of proportion to their numbers in the general population. Making these observations of fact is surely not indicative of racism. It is likewise a fact that people of all races commit all manner of crimes.

Knowing this is important for several reasons: the police surely need to have such knowledge to have any meaningful preventative effect. For citizens unschooled in the ways of criminals and the justice system--it was for them I wrote the article--it is also useful knowledge to have.

Surely the young woman peering through the peephole of her front door would not be comforted by the sight of two unknown men of any race who were intent on hiding their faces, nor do I suggest that should ever be the case. Judgments on imminent criminal threats must be ultimately based on demonstrated intention and action, not race or any other factor.

I'm afraid your prediction of my intention was a bit off base, but thanks for reading and raising the issue. It's good to have the opportunity to clarify such things, which I hope I've done to your--and other reader's--satisfaction.

Posted by Mike Mc at September 20, 2011 10:42 PM