Comments: Ugly October

I don't belong to a gym, but when I want to get out the angst, I work in the yard. I have a crazy yard full of butterfly plants and vines that need to be kept under control. Not to mention trees that need to be kept trimmed. So I get out the ladder and the saw and the electric trimmer and I swoosh through all the extraneous growth, slash here and there......I'm 55 and overweight, so when I'm done, I've had a really good aerobic workout. Last week I made a second vegetable garden bed - just the hammering of thick long nails into 1" wood was quite aerobic. I know what you mean - and physical exercise to the point of exhaustion is just what the Dr. ordered.

Posted by suze at October 8, 2011 11:57 PM

You are the only one who knows the limits of your life and sanity. Promotions sound good, but what if they turn out to be detrimental to your health?

Slashing and burning through yard work is what works for me... planned on a weekend of it, but the rain spoiled that.

Posted by pam at October 9, 2011 05:58 AM

Bou, your stress must be radiating off of you. Friday night, I dreamed of you and your family. I dreamed bones was QB of a high school football team and seriously injured his leg in a game, and you weren't at that game because you had just received news that Joe had passed. I was very stressed out on your behalf in that dream.

Funny how the blogs I read color my dreams.

Posted by wRitErsbLock at October 9, 2011 08:21 AM

Suze- yardwork is an EXCELLENT work out... and you're creating. There is more to it than just sweating in a yard. You have a huge sense of accomplishment. I love butterfly gardens! Eventually we'll get it right here. Last time we turned ours into a buffet for birds. EVERY caterpillar. The boys were aghast!

Pam- Girl... I don't know how you do it in this heat, granted this weekend was not so hot, but rainy. I go out with the boys sometimes and I can last about an hour. You must have to get up EARLY.

Writersblock- Good Lord. I think I'm feeling bad that the stress of my life has permeated to yours! Gah! I'll tell you... it is so stressful, or was this week... that I had to do a 100% compartmentalization. If I was at one place, I couldn't talk about the other. So when a friend of mine asked me about the boys while I was at work I had to say, "I can't. I can't talk about home while I'm here or I'll freak. I can only handle so much stress in one place..." It wasn't a good week at home.

In the end... it will all be fine. I'll get Joe to NJ, the boys will get through whatever it is that I'm not posting, and work will continue to provide me a paycheck, even if it's the most stressful job I've ever had and makes me worry my hair will fall out.

On a happy note, Bones is learning a monologue for school that absolutely cracks me up. If I can get it taped... for the first time ever, I'll post a vid of Bones. He's my son... he makes me laugh.

Posted by Bou at October 9, 2011 08:47 AM

Few things hit the spot better for stress release than a little AC/DC. Great musical choice. :)

Posted by diamond dave at October 9, 2011 05:18 PM

Angus cures every ill.
Wishing you some peace...

Posted by Leigh at October 10, 2011 03:11 PM