Comments: October Randomness

I'm confused. Where is it he thinks pants are supposed to be worn?

Posted by Andrew Phule at October 18, 2011 12:06 AM

Fall is my favorite season, so I'm excited about the cool front as well. :)

Let's not talk about home insurance. It's both a blessing and a curse that our home has fallen in value to a third of what we paid...

The 70's were horrible! I remember wearing PLAID hip-hugger bell-bottoms! LOL!

Posted by pam at October 18, 2011 08:06 AM

High temps this week will only reach 60 degrees, furnance has been on for a week now. I hate you.

My city is sending out assessors to make sure what you say you have on your property is really what is on your property. Like if you didn't report you built a deck, etc they want to make sure your taxes reflect that. So property taxes will be going up now, although ours shouldn't because we always pulled the permits.

Wait until your son finds out when hip huggers (what is refered to now as todays jeans) really were invented.

Posted by Quality Weenie at October 18, 2011 11:21 AM

Well, in my neck of the woods, fall in is in the air. It's been the low 40's or high 30's at night, and low to mid 60's during the day. I've broken out my sweaters. Cool and crisp...I have no problem with it.

I know what you mean about home insurance. The housing market has basically collapsed, both residential and commercial, and that is making insurance take a hit. I know many people who put bread on the table selling or leasing residential or commercial real estate. They're in big trouble. The people I know who are in the insurance business are doing whatever they can to survive. It doesn't look good. It's a mess. I do high end *nix network and SQL relational database stuff, and it's getting hit hard. The private sector is not doing any new development...they're just trying to hang on to what they have. The business owners, I know, have no idea in which direction this country is going. I have many friends that have children graduating from college. They can't find a job. They go back to school and get a Masters...they can't find a job, but many have huge student loans they'll never pay off. Troubled times ahead.

Anyway, one of my best friends is a DDS, and his business is way off. This bad economy is tricking down and sideways to everyone at all levels.

I know a person who had his house on the market for the last four or five years for 400 grand. He just sold it for 150, but at least he sold it. Took a bath, but he got rid of it, and that is what he needed to do. He's one of the lucky ones.

Wear a sweatshirt, you can always take it off. It's all about layers.

Posted by Yabu at October 20, 2011 01:31 PM

Move to the Midwest. I don't know why all our "snowbirds" move to FL for retirement, but there are no hurricanes in WI & I pay under $400/year for $135,000 of homeowners insurance w/ a $1000 deductible. Hail & (comparatively) minor wind damage are the worst most of us see. We replaced our very, very old roof last year (hail damage), then half of it again this year when a poorly-rooted 60ft pine fell on it. But now that there are no more tall trees next to the house, our 30-yr asphalt shingles should last 30 years.

Granted, it's only 50 degrees here right now & I've been wearing knee socks, sweaters, and fingerless gloves for weeks... but the fall color is amazing! And there's something about the small of crisp leaves, wood fires, and hot apple cider... But personally, I don't know how you all can stand the heat and humidity! I don't have central air, and only ran my window AC unit for 4 weeks this year.

Posted by MonicaC at October 22, 2011 12:04 PM