Comments: Too Young

Growing up, he was my hero. I remember in 1985, the bus driver dropping me off at my aunt's Bedford Avenue apartment building after school. It was opening day -- Gary Carter's first game as a Met -- and we all watched him crack that amazing walk-off 10th inning home run to win the game. My entire family fell in love with him. He sent me a signed Topps "all-star" baseball card after my aunt suggested I write him a get well letter when he injured his thumb in the '86 season. He did everything good, and right -- philanthropic work for children with cancer, speaking out against drugs, just plain making people smile and feel good about themselves -- and for all of that he deserved to spend a long time in the bosom of his family. Even if the Almighty came to earth and personally explained to me why he felt compelled to visit such anguish upon this family, his answer would never be satisfactory to me. My only consolation is knowing that he treasured every second he had with them during his too-brief time here on the planet.

Posted by Erica at February 18, 2012 05:32 PM