Comments: Rude.....

Heh. Now that there's a blogpost, sonny.

You mention belching. I can tell you that while we Westerners find it abhorrent, it is considered to be a compliment to both food and chef by the Japanese, who in this regard are like unto the Norwegians. Years ago, the Missus and I entertained a brace of Japanese colleagues at our home in Houston... a signal honor for our visitors, for whom a home-cooked dinner is a mark of very close friendship (most business entertaining being conducted in restaurants and/or nightclubs).

The Missus prepared a lovely meal, which our guests ate with considerable noisy lip-smacking relish. Afterward, they belched up a storm. SWMBO was all set to freak out but I took her aside and quietly explained the cultural facts of life to her. What seemed rude to us, I told her, was in fact to them the highest compliment they could convey.

(Did I mention that we were all of 25 years old at the time?)

Now, cultural differences are fine and all, but I'll tell you right up front that if you drop a deuce on my dining room table, I will take offense.

Posted by Elisson on May 18, 2012 08:31 PM