Comments: All Over The Road

They were great. I am so glad we stayed to listen. I was truly amazed at what all the kids did in a short period of time. I hope we can do it next year!

Posted by vwbug at July 26, 2012 05:43 AM

Very mature of T to let the younger kid have the big gloves. Of course now, due to bones, I picture them all wearing blue latex gloves...
So much music in your life. That's awesome.

Posted by K-nine at July 26, 2012 06:21 AM

Just curious: Is this at FP, my church? It is such a long drive for me, but I really wanted Ben to do it. He thought it would be babyish, so I didn't push. Next summer, though, this sounds like the place for him...

Posted by Leigh at July 26, 2012 09:06 AM

I never have any idea what is going on with movies. I'm the last person to hear about any of them. So I now know about Ted. Then earlier today I saw reference to the movie Magic Mike - twice within an hour - a movie I never heard of before. Looked it up. Um... okay now I know. LOL.

So glad to hear the music thing went so well. I do hope T joins a local band. He'd likely have so much fun playing it would be very worth it.

Posted by Teresa at July 26, 2012 11:02 AM

The gloves are to protect the raw brass of the bells from the acid sweat etching the fingerprints into the bells.

Posted by The Thomas at July 26, 2012 11:46 AM

Thomas is 100% correct. Also, if the raw brass is damaged, it changes their tuning, so cotton gloves it is. I love to play the handbells whenever we use them in choir. So different than strings.

Posted by caltechgirl at July 26, 2012 05:24 PM

Actually I went that route with T about the bells. I explained how we have to wear cotton gloves when handling our bearings, to prevent corrosion. For some reason, he thought that was not the case here. I figured someone told him that they weren't real brass.

Posted by Bou at July 26, 2012 06:12 PM

I played in a bell choir when I was younger. They made us wear gloves too, I hated them... especially since I played the heaver bells and one time I flung one out of my hand because the gloves didn't give me the grip I needed.

Posted by Contagion at July 27, 2012 11:36 AM