Comments: Eat Papa Eat

He looks absolutely adorable...but in a very manly way, of course!

And the title is from 'Rudolph', isn't it? Mrs. Claus is trying to get Santa fattened up before Christmas.

Posted by Mrs. Who at November 3, 2012 11:21 PM

"Nobody likes a skinny Santa."

I think he looks awesome!!!

Posted by Peggy K at November 4, 2012 05:45 AM

Yup! Rudolph. As I was putting on his eyebrows and beard, I kept saying, "Eat Papa Eat. Nobody likes a skinny Santa!" I was kind of horrified when he said, "Where did that come from?" I think I need to find those videos for him to watch... Good Grief.

Posted by Bou at November 4, 2012 08:48 AM

How cute!! I got the reference of course... still mutter 'Eat, Papa, Eat!' sometimes when I put the plate in front of Arthur... ;)

Posted by pam at November 4, 2012 04:08 PM

I say "Eat Papa Eat" all the time when someone won't eat.

Posted by Quality Weenie at November 5, 2012 08:30 AM