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SWG... Your words bring pictures. Surely writing is art. I too, am on blog hiatus, With me, it seems that being happy, mark that content, seems to preclude my personal need to write. This story reminded me of a Spescial moment.

I took my young Bride back home to Tucson to visit the Sar'Major in his waning days when he was 90.....

After flirting with her...heh, he never lost that, he said,"Come with me, young Lady. I want to show you something."

We proceeded to the back yard, he whistled as well Ashe could, and whispered,""

Five minutes we waited, and then, from under one of the garden sheds , emerged a huge old Tortoise. Dad said,"Pick him up, Wollf, he's the one you raised!"

Sure enough, that Totoise had a "D'S" carved on his shell. I had found two eggs in the desert when I was nine years old. The Old Man had taught me about incubating, they hatched, I fed and cared for them like my own.

And there he was, almost Fifty years old, meeting my young Wife.......

I hope that your Box Turtle is doing as well.

Good to have met you, my invisible Jarhead Friend.......

Posted by Wollf on January 30, 2013 12:10 AM

There is a place about 20 minutes from us, where they take ocean dwelling turtles if they've been hit by a boat or gotten severely injured in some way. All of us mothers take our children there from the time they are toddlers, schools take field trips, and teenagers do their volunteer service hours. I just call it, 'The Turtle Hospital'. Big tanks are in the back where each has its own, even the tiniest, the size of the palm of your hand at times.

It's educational. I don't do any blogging on the philanthorpies my husband and I support, but that is one. We go every year to a big gala at The Turtle Hospital and we take a tour and talk to the guides. It is never enough information.

There is an orthodontist in town that works with them now and he has developed these braces that they can put on the back of these cracked/damaged shells to help pull the shells together as the scar tissues rises up to heal it. It is absolutely fascinating and I'm always in awe that a man, minding his own business, was taking the tour one day and thought, 'I think I can help these creatures'.

Turtles have an amazing pull on our hearts. It's crazy isn't it? I don't know what it is, but I have Turtle art hanging on my back porch, I collect these stuffed turtles, and there is just... a draw.

And your post was about life and art, but I felt compelled to put about the braces for closing shells. I just find it fascinating.

I hope you post your essay. It's always interesting to see your take on things, vibrant or grey. Maybe love itself isn't art, but how you write about it is. I think there are not many people in this world who have been blessed enough to be loved as you write of your love for your wife.

Posted by Bou on January 30, 2013 07:18 AM

Your writing may be less frequent these days - who really blogs anymore, anyway? - but I keep dropping by for the occasional gem. Like this post.

Is writing art? Is that a rhetorical question? Of course it is. Ask Robert W. Service, or Robert Frost, or Neil Gaiman... or Shakespeare.

And are we sometimes weighted down with worry about our health, our loved ones, and the million slings and arrows that are always aimed at us in this life? Sure we are. Sometimes that burden makes it more difficult to write (what's the point of it all?), but writing can also be a means of catharsis. Do what feels right to you, and know that your writing - frequent or rare - has its admirers.

Posted by Elisson on January 30, 2013 09:27 AM

Hey I love reading you you paint pictures with your words. I picked up a snapping turtle one day like to got one of my kindergarten bit. Turned him lose. Ialso likednthe way you linked to rb good luck on your paper. I sure it will be good. Or should I say great.

Posted by Georgia on January 30, 2013 12:00 PM