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Good link to Gov. Hickenlooper below, I just used it to send and specified the mag bill as well as the transfer/registration bill and the "poll tax" on gun purchases:

"Governor, I strongly urge you to look closely at these bills and veto them.
These bills were all:
• Ill-conceived by individuals outside of Colorado with no appreciation of the impact on this state,
• drafted by people with an agenda hostile to the civil rights of lawful gun owners, and without sufficient knowledge of the subject matter and its terminology,
• hastily and poorly written,
• hustled through committees without proper consideration or reasonable debate or amendment,
• geared to controlling, harassing and punishing the law-abiding on the poor excuse that a few disturbed individuals have committed heinous acts,
• clearly ineffective at stopping any real criminal activity or preventing violence,
• poorly worded to the point that the unintended consequences will be to create a new class of felon out of law-abiding gun owners
• conducive to lengthy and costly litigation at taxpayer expense
• will immediately cost Colorado jobs in tourism, hunting and sport shooting related industries as well as manufacturing and supporting industries."


Feel free to plagiarize the above wording, no rights reserved…except my God given Civil Rights to Life, Liberty and the Purfuit of Happineff.


Posted by Kalashnikat at March 15, 2013 11:47 AM
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