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And I think the odom. reading is cool! LOL
I think my little Ford is at 175k (it's a '96)

Posted by Rave at March 18, 2013 12:56 AM

YAAAA congrats! That is great.

Love the odometer reading... mine is much lower.. sigh...

Posted by vwbug at March 18, 2013 04:47 AM

Congratulations!! Hope you enjoy your tenure as leader of Florida. Must they address you with a title now, because that would be cool...

Posted by pam at March 18, 2013 06:51 AM

Congrats on winning the election. :)

I know what you mean about freaking out when it comes to "on time" stuff and lots of people. In the meantime, hoping the next few days pass quickly so it's done and you don't have to stress over it. I am so not an event planner.

Very cool on the car mileage. LOL.

Posted by Teresa at March 18, 2013 01:31 PM

My Pontiac is right about the 250k mark. And it's deteriorated to the point where about all it's good for is commuting and errands around town. Still it's a testament to how much more reliable domestic cars have come, twenty years ago 100k was considered a milestone not often achieved.

And the thought of planning an event coordinating the actions of 100 people makes me hyperventilate. Just sayin'.

Posted by diamond dave at March 18, 2013 06:51 PM