Comments: Shame

Yeah the whole victim thing gets old.....when people try to play that card with me I just shut them down with "Hmmm....don't go there and tell me I don't know what it feels like 'cause by YOUR standards I have you beat. My Dad killed himself with a shotgun, and my step-sister was murdered by a coward who took his own life. But you don't see me out there trying to legislate on top of their dead bodies."

I fact, today was the 16th anniversary of his death. I miss him every day, but you know what I did today? I went shooting with the 22 rifle that he gave to me when he felt I was responsible and safe enough to own it.

It is not the tool, it is the actions that you, the owner are responsible for answering. It can be used for good or bad, lawful or unlawful purposes. Never confuse the tool with the actions performed with the tool.

Posted by JR at April 14, 2013 04:41 PM
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