Comments: Brought To You by the Letter Z

S is dealing with one of these "teachers"... The highest average in the class is a 47... It's ridiculous... She has a 29 "C"...

Posted by Pcola Titan at April 26, 2013 10:00 PM

Those scores ought to be telling that teacher to modify his teaching approach. Jeez - he's a statistics teacher! Isn't he a little worried about HIS stats? What's the point of being a teacher if you're not imparting information?

I think you were the one who turned me on to Clay Bond's site (may he rest in peace!). He had a terrific series of tutorials on using test results to fine tune teaching. I wish I had copied and kept them. I imagine they're still archived somewhere, and I wish I knew how to find them!

Posted by PeggyU at April 26, 2013 11:40 PM

God I hate teachers like that. Unfortunately you're absolutely right that he'll likely encounter more like that in college and it's up to him to figure out how to deal when you're not there to help him. Same goes for future jobs and crap bosses. Consider it a teaching moment (no pun intended). That having been said, too bad you can't push this teacher overboard and teach the class yourself, I have a feeling the kids would learn a lot more.

Posted by diamond dave at April 27, 2013 06:03 AM

There is just so much wrong with it. I think what bothers me most is this is the first real exposure to Stats for about 25 kids. Every one of them has been turned off now. My son won't even THINK of it as a major, yet he has a math brain.

And I find that so very sad...

Posted by Bou at April 27, 2013 08:47 AM

Of course he won't think of a stats major if he has a math brain. Stats isn't math, it's numerical politics.

Posted by Pogue at April 27, 2013 11:23 AM

as a math teacher (who regularly teaches prob and stats) this enrages me -- please shoot me if i ever become the sort of teacher who does that!

Posted by rae at April 27, 2013 01:03 PM

Pogue- good point! However, he is good with numbers. It would be a good field...

Rae- I think he's always been like this. And teaching was not his passion. He became a teacher when he retired FROM his passion. He's brilliant... just can't pass on the information. The kids say he speaks too far above them...

Posted by Bou at April 28, 2013 09:56 PM

That just makes me sad.

Posted by rae at April 29, 2013 12:11 PM