Comments: Crazy Train

So, which fraternity is he going to pledge: I Tappa Keg or that other fun group, I Felta Thi?

Posted by Angus of Jure at August 29, 2013 08:16 AM

Tell Ringo to concentrate on what he can learn about how business works - it will always come in handy even if the class is boring as all get out. Some things are just good to know and have in your back pocket.

My daughter decided at one point she wanted to do Physical Therapy. I told her "no you don't, you don't like people enough". heh. My son tried to go the engineer route. I tried to talk him out of it... he found out the hard way that he really wasn't cut out for that major (but what does mom know???)

I really hope pre-med suits him and that he finds college more enjoyable once he is in a frat.

Posted by Teresa at August 29, 2013 01:26 PM