Comments: Part II of V: Mouse 1, Mom 0

So what is Angus doing today?

Posted by The Thomas at September 4, 2013 09:24 AM

He's probably doing yardwork! It's still summer in FL, which means the grass has to be cut every 5 days...

Posted by Bou at September 4, 2013 04:43 PM

Hubba took me out for lunch to celebrate the completion of my 73rd orbit around the sun. The orbits seem to go more quickly now, but maybe it just seems like that because I'm having fun. Looking forward to the next installment of "There's A Rat In My Car".

Posted by Angus of Mull at September 4, 2013 07:47 PM

Up here the only people who HAVE to cut grass are those that water it.

For the rest of us its every two weeks ... whether it needs it or not.

Posted by The Thomas at September 4, 2013 09:32 PM