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LOL, Duff ... look right below this post. :-)

Posted by Hube at September 4, 2013 07:16 PM

Just an old quote I found in a movie.

The American grizzly fears nothing--not man, not guns, not death. . . The American grizzly bear is a symbol of the American character--strength, intelligence, ferocity, a little blind and reckless at times but courageous beyond all doubt. And one other trait that goes with all previous--loneliness. A bear lives out his life alone...indomitable, unconquered...but always alone. He has no real allies, only enemies, but none of them are as great as he. This is an American trait. The world will never love us. They respect us. They may even grow to fear us. They will never love us for we have too much audacity and we're a bit blind and reckless at times, too. . . The American grizzly embodies the spirit of America.
Brian Keith "Teddy Roosevelt"
in "The Wind & the Lion"

in this world it is better to be feared than to try to get countries to love you. An iron fist is more effective than a rose in a glove.

Posted by Greg Fisher at September 4, 2013 08:39 PM

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