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Indeed, that panel gave me a chuckle, to be sure. Obama has always been anti-gun. And not surprising to see the independent comics companies sugarcoating Obama and his presidency.

I know their Godzilla title, which is supposed to be about giant monsters beating the crap out of each other, has an Obama analogue President who's always depicted as being right and has a straw man version of Rick Perry as the Governor of Texas. And there's the obligatory depiction of southerners as being one-dimensional racists, etc.

Posted by Carl at December 5, 2013 03:15 PM

I tried and wanted to like the Godzilla comic... *sigh*

Actually I'm annoyed because the writing on the panel should be obvious (unless you're looking to shoehorn in politics).

Let's play a game! Make up your own or vote for replacements!

1st panel:

"I thought you were anti-guns..."
1) "I'm anti-zombie more."
2) "These former constituents have changed my mind."
3) "I know. Must be the end of the world, eh?"
4) "Well now might be time for a well regulated militia."
5) "My position's evolved."

3rd panel:
1) "Let's go apply the 2nd amendment..."
2) "Hey zombies! Got your healthcare right here!" (take two and stay down)
3) "I'm about to go full stereotype on their rotted asses."
4) "As I said at the start of my dissertation: 'Prepare to have your mind blown'."

Posted by Nate Winchester at December 6, 2013 08:50 AM

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