Comments: Captain America film franchise has the potential to be a lefty's wet dream

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When I first heard the screenwriters mention "psychotic 1950s Cap" I immediately became concerned that they were going to try and adapt the Cap vs the Tea Party storyline that led me to stop buying contemporary comics altogether.

While I like the Secret Empire and evil Cap storylines, I don't like the politics behind them. Especially the whole anti-communism = McCarthist witch hunts theme. What the hell? Communism is a failed philosophy that has brought nothing but pain and misery wherever it's been tried. But then again, the progressive bubble. You won't see a story where Cap would go after Obama for his corruption, which is even worse than Watergate ever was, after all.

I'd read a story where Cap battled communists in Nicaragua. Their unwillingness to have him battle communism in the 1970s and 1980s is similar to how moonbat creators refuse to let heroes battle Islamists in the modern day. Like Doug said, it's stupid that there hasn't been one story where Cap goes on a black ops mission to Afghanistan or Iraq to fight radical Islamists. And if a story DOES feature Islamists, the writer resorts to lame moral equivalence and implies that America is "evil."

As for Cap 2, I'm gonna see it, largely because my mom wants to see it with me. The lame moral equivalence between SHIELD and HYDRA (I really hope they don't use that atrocious retcon where SHIELD is just an arm of HYDRA... ugh.), not to mention the appearance of ultra-moonbat Robert Redford, worries me immensely, though.

Posted by Carl at March 22, 2014 01:04 PM