Comments: Refreshing lunacy

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He will get the IRS to audit the Tea Party? So then he admits the Democrat leftists want to use the IRS as their own personal Gestapo. When they hear themselves speak do they realize they sound fascist? Can they hear Deutschland Uber Allies in the back round? Is this the America they really want?

Posted by Hoagie at April 12, 2014 11:34 AM

This guy has got to be a plant from the Republican party- he is waaaay too much of an idiot to be an actual politician. Did you see his interview with Greta Van Sustern?

Posted by Fern at April 13, 2014 08:56 PM

I did. It was hilarious. He did one with Hannity a few weeks prior to that.

Posted by Hube at April 14, 2014 07:19 AM

The Colossus of Rhodey: Refreshing lunacy

Posted by eshdwjycnh at February 14, 2017 02:20 AM

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