Comments: miffed superhero flicks feature straight white guys

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Leave it to to come up with another inane guilt-ridden, racially-obsessed article and to hire someone who doesn't know s*** about comics to write about them. Ugh. I don't care what the main characters look like; I want to be entertained. If the movie succeeds in that regard, I'm happy.

I always bring up the success of Blade when debating people who moan about the "lack of minority heroes" on the silver screen. They usually respond by saying, "yeah, well, that's not enough."

Also, War Machine and the Falcon are both black and they've played prominent roles in recent Marvel movies. The screen version of Nick Fury is black. Luke Cage is getting a Netflix series. As for female characters, Black Widow might be getting her own movie soon and Agent Peggy Carter is getting her own show.

And Baker-Whitelaw sounds like she's channeling Andrew Garfield, who made those idiotic "Spider-Man should be gay" comments last summer. That would be a good way for Marvel to lose money if they actually listened to these cretins.

Also, I'm a straight white "nerd" (with Asperger's)and I was bullied. Apparently I don't count in her eyes, because I'm not a "historically oppressed minority."

Posted by Carl at April 30, 2014 05:15 PM