Comments: Calling a Spade a Spade

Now, my son saw nothing wrong with that request. Boys.

Posted by PeggyU at May 31, 2014 02:25 PM

So he wants just a cross, not a crucifix. I inherited a rosary from my grandmother (blessed by Fulton Sheen)...but the cross was missing its corpus. Maybe we can work out a trade, lol?

Posted by Mrs. Who at May 31, 2014 10:01 PM

Ha! I'm Catholic and I don't care for the corpus either. I prefer my Cross to be unadorned, so to speak.

Posted by Kris at June 2, 2014 06:06 PM

Unadorned. I like it that way, it sound better than 'no dead people'. ;-)

I found a really nice Celtic Cross.

I remember when I was in the Catholic Store once with my eldest. He'd just had his First Communion. I was looking for a nice cross to put in his bedroom and he found this dang near life sized crucifix. (This store sells to the Churches.) He looked up at it eyes are big full of "Wow! Wouldn't this look GREAT?!"

I had to reply without his asking, "NO. Don't even think about it." It was so life sized you expected dripping blood.

Posted by Bou at June 2, 2014 07:30 PM