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Don't forget Dan Slott. I'm not even talking about his politics. It was sometime ago, but I still remember how he and editor Steve Wacker harassed the guys and girls over at Spider-Man Crawlspace for--gasp--criticizing some issues/stories.

In light of something like that, I find it very interesting that Brevoort wants to talk about professionalism now. Last I checked, it wasn't considered professional to harass potential customers.

Posted by tops116 at June 22, 2014 02:23 AM

I scrolled through the Facebook page for awhile, and Mark Waid had this weird exchange where he somehow implied that because a conservative guy's workplace didn't have octogenarians on the payroll he shouldn't question why there aren't any openly conservative writers at Marvel.

Huh? He was saying that a dearth of 80-year-olds in a workplace doesn't mean age discrimination is going on, so by extension a dearth of openly conservative writers at Marvel should be viewed the same way.

Where does one start with a red herring so large? Hmmm. People retire at 65, and roughly half of the U.S. has conservative views. But yet Mr. Waid still wants to seriously say he's comparing apples to apples.

From people who scream about "diversity" so much, they seem oddly okay with the lack of ideological diversity at Marvel.

Posted by Douglas Ernst at June 22, 2014 11:12 AM

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