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"Delightful to see the people complaining about #FreeCommunityCollege are those most sorely in need of an education."

I really don't need a lecture about education and intelligence from someone who has been wrong about every major policy decision in the last six years. Can Marz name one thing he was right about? Of course. The moron probably still insists that Obamacare works despite it being a proven failure every day since October 1, 2013.

"Talk about your ever-lovin' straw man to take down oh-so easily!"

Don't forget that when the Boston Bombing went down, the Left was in overdrive to blame the Tea Party for it. Once it was confirmed who the perpetrators were, the Left backtracked so quickly that it's amazing none of them got whiplash.

"First, who the hell ever blames the entire black race for the actions of a black shooter?"

The only ones who ever broach the subject are liberals, which speaks to some latent racism on their part.

"And who but the most outlandish extremists (on the other side) blame all Muslims for radical Islamist attacks?"

Apparently, someone got their wires crossed and came to believe that blaming radical Muslims calling for violence meant blaming the moderate Muslims who are just minding their own damn business.

"Speaking of which, here's some from a fairly recent post, courtesy of Kurt Busiek"

Funny how the Left blames Gabby Giffords being shot on Sarah Palin using the word "crosshairs" and still does so despite recently insisting that the two NYPD cops being executed wasn't the fault of Sharpton or De Blasio's rhetoric.

Posted by tops116 at January 10, 2015 07:46 AM

After the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case Dan Slott tweeted that its supporters should go to "Christ-Land." I checked his Twitter feed after the Paris attacks and, oddly enough, he hasn't told Shariah law advocates living in western nations to go to "Muslim-Land." Hmmmm.

Posted by Douglas Ernst at January 10, 2015 07:17 PM

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